Turkey Tenderloin

We really do enjoy eating turkey and thankfully, our store carries a nice selection of turkey, year round.  This was a pre marinated, lemon and garlic turkey tenderloin.


In an effort to change up the green veggie on our plates, I picked up asparagus instead of the broccoli that I had my hand on!  We were able to grill both and I served it with a bit of the leftover risotto, rounding out our meal beautifully and as an added bonus, cleaning out the fridge a bit.   The meat was so tender and juicy and who doesn’t like grilled asparagus, it is delectable.  The temperatures are supposed to go back to their seasonal norms tomorrow, so I know there are mashed potatoes in my future!


Last time I was at at the butcher, I picked up a pound of their house made/house smoked kielbasa.  It is really tasty and made for a quick dinner, since I had to work a bit late.


Since the kielbasa and sauteed spinach are so easy and quick to get on the table, I took the time to make a batch of butternut squash risotto.  One of the hubby’s favorite starches in the world is risotto.  It really isn’t difficult to make, it just takes time and attention.  I find it a soothing way to refocus after an intensely stressful day at work.  The slow ladling of hot stock into the pot, gently stirring until the liquid is absorbed before repeating the process is strangely satisfying to me. Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day at work!

Pork and Pierogi

I am down to my last few bags of pierogi in the freezer.  Hopefully I can restock over Thanksgiving weekend!


I purchased  pork tenderloin and we roasted it in the oven.  While that was cooking, I steamed broccoli and fried up some pierogi.  I seem to be on broccoli kick lately, not sure what that is about and honestly, until I saw the photographic evidence on this site, I hadn’t even realized I was doing it.  Thank goodness the hubby is fine with broccoli!

I used the last of the apple cider when roasting the pork.  I love putting the pork on a bed of apples and onions, then pouring in a bit of cider.  It gives the pork a delicious flavor. Besides, I do enjoy embracing the flavors of fall.  The hard cider has finished brewing, so I poured myself a glass to enjoy with dinner.  At this rate, there will hardly be any cider left to bottle for Christmas!

Sausage and Pepper Pasta

Goodness, do I love pasta….is there anything better?  Well, OK, creamy mashed potatoes and gravy, but pasta is a really, really close second!


I grilled the sausage and cooked the onions and peppers in a disposable pan on the grill.   All I needed to do was boil up some water for pasta, toss that with some homemade sauce and dinner was done!  Thankfully, I had made a big batch of sauce and put it in the freezer.  I pulled out a container in the morning and let it thaw in the fridge all day.   I sliced the onions and peppers the night before, making it super easy to get a delicious, healthy, hearty meal on the table in a snap.  Planning and taking the time to prep meals the night before makes all the difference.  With my schedule, if I didn’t plan and prep, I would be eating take out or going out to dinner far too often.

Still grilling….

even though summer is over.  I swear we are the minority in our neighborhood, we grill year round, albeit, not as often, once winter arrives, but we still use it a fair amount of time.


Marinated, boneless, skinless chicken filets, with yellow rice and freshly steamed broccoli.  That is one good looking plate, if I do say so myself!

The change in the weather has been awesome, I wish it could last, but I know I will appreciate spring and summer so much more once winter passes. Hopefully, you were somewhere with lovely weather as well and you got a chance to step outside and bask in the sunshine


Grilled Meatloaf

The days have been getting colder, so our meals have been getting heartier!


I made a batch of meatloaf, then I let it cool completely.  When it comes time for dinner, I slice it really thick, grill it and slather it with BBQ sauce.  I served it with a side of mashed potatoes and some wax beans that I picked up from the farm stand.  It was delicious! I have a love/heat relationship with fall.  I love the cooler nights and the leaves changing colors is just spectacular, but I could do without the shorter days.


Another few days and all of the trees will be dressed in their full autumn finery.  We are supposed to have one last hint of summer this week, temperatures are supposed to hit 80 degrees for the next few days, and I intend on spending as much time outside as humanly possible.

Sour Dough Starter

Isn’t just for making sour dough bread!  I have been trying to find new and different ways to use my sour dough starter.   I feed the darn thing each week, but I only use it a few times of year when I make bread.  I decided this fall, that was going to change.


We had some banana’s that were getting a bit too ripe so I googled to find a recipe that used sour dough starter to make banana bread.  I found a recipe on this site, Cultures for Health.  It was really simple, I had all of the ingredients on hand, so I threw caution to the wind and tried it.

The bread rose higher than any other sweet bread I had ever made, it wasn’t overly sweet, and the hubby and I really enjoyed it.  I did add a handful of chopped walnuts to the bread before baking, because  we love banana nut  bread.   The recipe is definitely a keeper and it used up some of my sour dough starter, DOUBLE WIN!