Toll House Pie

The husband and I are not very big sweet eaters but every once in a while, we love something sweet, usually containing chocolate, after dinner.

Friday night, after the stuffed peppers, we had toll house pie.  Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like, a giant warm chocolate chip cookie in a pie crust.

All day I had been thinking it would be nice to have something sweet with dinner.  The husband was driving home from upstate New York, it rained the entire way home for him and I knew he would be exhausted from a long week and a long drive in the rain.  When he walked in the combination of scents from toll house pie, stuffed peppers and homemade bread brought a smile to his face.

I couldn’t decide what to make, so I pulled a few cookbooks.  Nothing sounded exactly right until I came across “The Complete Chocolate Chip Cookie Book” published in November of 1982.  I should probably confess that I am obsessed with cookbooks and have two 6′ tall bookcases filled with books. The good news is that I use them quite regularly!  Anyway, going through that cookbook I was tempted to make blondies, but turned the page and BAM, there it was toll house pie.  I haven’t made one in probably two years.  It was the perfect treat at the end of a rainy day.

Toll House Pie

Toll House Pie

The best part about making toll house pie, I had all of the ingredients on hand and didn’t have to brave the rain!

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