What a week!

My goodness, what a week!  I work at a local university as a meeting planner and this week is the final week for most faculty.   We won’t see most of them again until August.  The week has been filled with retirement parties, end of year celebrations, a week long cancer survivor camp, run by our Occupational Therapy Department, and today a full faculty council luncheon and award ceremony. Whew, no wonder I am tired!

It has also been a week of heavy rain storms and crazy weather.  We have already surpassed our monthly average rainfall by 250% for June here in southeastern PA.  Today is another wet day.  The storms that came through this morning were violent and dropped another 2″ of rain.  We are due for more rain this evening with a chance of hail and the possibility of tornado’s – whoa – so glad we have a basement, just in case! I feel bad for the golfers trying to get their rounds in at Merion Golf Course, I certainly would not have wanted to play in that downpour this morning, not to mention all of the lightening!

Dinner is a simple affair tonight since I had to work late.  It is still in the oven, hence the reason there are no pictures, but it will be pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon that has been smoked by the local butcher, mashed potatoes because, goodness gracious they are a favorite of mine,  and the last of my CSA veggies in the form of a salad.

I will be back tomorrow with a picture of week 2 of my CSA. I know from the farmer’s email that I will have garlic scapes this week.  I can’t wait!  I had them for the first time last year, from the same farmer, and they are awesome.  I think I might make a batch of garlic scape pesto with parsley and use it as a condiment for steak on Saturday night.

See you all tomorrow and if you have the same storms we do, stay safe!

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