CSA, Week 2

Turnips, kale, salad greens, pac choi, pea shoots, garlic scapes, broccoli raab, head lettuce

Turnips, kale, salad greens, pac choi, pea shoots, garlic scapes, broccoli raab, head lettuce

Well week two of our CSA has brought garlic scapes!  Love them…..they add a mild garlic flavor to whatever you add them to. They make a great pesto – I use garlic scapes, italian parsley, walnuts, olive oil, and parmesan cheese – and the pesto can be frozen for a quick weeknight meal, just boil some pasta and defrost your pesto, ta da, dinner in 30 minutes.

One of our favorite ways to eat greens are in a quiche, gruyere and greens quiche to be exact.  I saute the greens with garlic or the garlic scapes, add a bit of liquid to soften them further, let them cool, wring out any excess liquid, and then add them to my egg mixture along with a generous helping of grated gruyere cheese.  We don’t seem to ever eat quiche for breakfast in this house, not sure why, but for us, it is a lovely lunch or dinner option.  I usually add roasted potatoes and a salad to round out our plate.

This week, I think I will make a turnip puree to go along side our chicken for dinner tonight but one of my favorite turnip recipes is actually from The Pioneer Woman, she makes a turnip gratin that is AMAZING http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2008/11/turnip-gratin/  trust me, it is wonderful.

I am debating whether I should use the broccoli raab and kale as a stuffing for my chicken breasts or just saute them with the garlic scapes and serve them as a side dish.

The salad greens and one of the heads of lettuce was turned into a lovely salad last night and I think the rest of the greens will be a salad to go along with dinner on Sunday.

Can’t wait to see what week three of our CSA brings, I love the challenge of using all of the produce each week in different dishes.

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