How many of you are coleslaw fans? It is one of my husband’s favorite things to eat.  He puts it on his turkey sandwiches, his hamburgers, his reuben’s.  We have it anytime we have ham, weird, I know, but we can’t have a ham dinner without it.  He is also happy to eat it as a side dish.  I figure, it is a vegetable and he eats so few of those that I just go with the flow.

My mother makes the best coleslaw you have ever had.  I can’t seem to duplicate her recipe, of course, she just throws mayo, vinegar, sugar, and salt in at will and it turns out perfectly every time!

I use the Hellman’s mayo recipe minus the green pepper.  I also add just a smidge more vinegar because I like everything more on the tart side.

Coleslaw - Pre Dressing

Coleslaw – Pre Dressing

Here is a picture of the finished product….

Coleslaw, Dressed and Ready to Eat!

Coleslaw, Dressed and Ready to Eat!

I made this to go along with the burgers I served on Friday night.  I used the large head of cabbage that we received from our CSA the week before.  It was just so hot and I wanted a quick easy meal with minimal prep time.  I made the coleslaw in the morning and let it hang out in the fridge until dinner.  The hubby prefers his coleslaw to sit for at least a day, he likes the flavor better but he will certainly eat it the day it is made.  That boy loves his coleslaw!

Do you have any go to salad or vegetable dishes that you serve regularly?  I am always looking for new ideas!

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