Whoo Hoo!!!  I finally have tomatoes off my plant.  I picked these beauties the other night, rinsed them off and ate them with a little salt.

My first ripe tomatoes!

My first ripe tomatoes!

I should have more today and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into a tomato sandwich.

We moved into our house one year ago but didn’t get a garden in this summer.  There have just been so many other projects that needed to be dealt with first.   It isn’t summer to me without tomatoes so I planted one plant in a container.  I have been terrified that the deer would eat my plant before I was able to harvest so I am thrilled that I was able to eat these tomatoes!

Summer is my favorite season.  I love that when I come home at night, it is still light out, I can sit on my back deck and enjoy the view.  I love the green of the grass and trees, I love the abundance of produce, the lushness of natures bounty.  Canning to me is fun, but it is also my way of preserving my favorite season.  To be able to pull a jar of jam out of the cabinet in the dead of winter and be reminded that the snow on the ground is only temporary keeps me sane!

What is your favorite season?

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