Basil Pesto

My CSA had an abundance of basil this week so I took my fair share and turned it into pesto.   I knew we weren’t going to use it right away so I froze half of it in a container for a quick weeknight pasta meal in the future.The rest, I froze in ice-cube trays.  I like freezing small amounts of pesto, it is such a great addition to so many dishes and having just the right amount means I am not wasting anything.



What do I use the cubes of pesto for you ask…..

Cubes of Pesto, Ready for the Freezer!

Cubes of Pesto, Ready for the Freezer!

Chicken Salad – I add a thawed cube to my mayo when making chicken salad

Roasted Veggie Sandwiches – I spread thawed pesto on my bread, then add roasted veggies and feta cheese for a wonderful, healthy and light lunch

Pesto Pasta Salad – if I have left over roasted veggies, I boil a small amount of pasta, thaw some pesto and toss them together for a quick pasta salad.  This is a great lunch, especially if you have some leftover chicken or salmon to add to the mix.

Pesto Cream Sauce – Add a cube of pesto to your cream sauce and toss with pasta

Pesto Grilled Chicken – add a bit more oil to the pesto, brush on chicken in the last 5 minutes of grilling

Pesto Sauce for Pizza – I use pesto instead of red sauce on my pizza

Pesto Butter – add pesto to softened butter, use this on your corn on the cob, delicious!

Pesto Stuffed Shells – add pesto to your ricotta cheese mixture

Pesto Green Beans – add pesto to steamed green beans

Pesto Dip – mix equal parts mayo and sour cream, whisk in pesto for an instant dip

Pesto Croutons – toss bread cubes with pesto, bake in oven until crisp

Pesto Grilled Cheese – spread pesto on your bread, then add cheese, awesome!

Pesto on Steak – it makes a lovely topping for grilled steak

Pesto in Soup – add a small dollop to your next bowl of bean soup, trust me, you’ll like it!


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