CSA, Week 10

This week it finally happened, corn on the cob!  Whoo hoo….

I wasn’t home on this weekend, I was in New England at a family wedding, the husband had a family committment on Saturday so he wasn’t able to go with me and it became his job to pick up the CSA.  I don’t have a picture of all of the produce because I took the camera with me to the wedding.

The first thing I saw went I got back was a slew of tomatoes on my counter so I snapped a quick picture.



The cherry and slicing tomatoes came from the CSA, the Roma’s from my plant.  I know what I am having for lunch today, a grilled cheese with tomato and tonight will be tomato salad.

As for the rest of my CSA….

Corn on the Cob – we got 6 ears, I steamed them last night for dinner

Green Beans – We had them for dinner last night with the corn and steak

Chard – I think I will saute this and freeze it since the hubby is away all week

Red Bliss Potatoes – I am planning on making potato salad for the upcoming weekend

Onions – these will go in the potato salad

Jalapeno’s – I am going to turn these into bread and butter pickled jalapeno’s (hot and sweet)

Green and Red Peppers – My plan for dinner on Friday is sausage and peppers on the grill with a side potato salad

Cabbage – I might make more sauerkraut, adding apples and caraway seeds

Eggplant – Roasted along with the summer squash I received and the zucchini my neighbor gave me

Summer Squash – Roasted with eggplant and zucchini

Cucumbers – honestly, I just love snacking on these, I might make a tomato cucumber salad tonight but truly, I just love snacking on them!

That’s all for this week, hopefully your gardens are yielding  you lots of beautiful produce!




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