Canned Black Olives

Growing up we used to eat canned black olives and jars of green olives stuffed with pimento.  Over the years my taste in olives has changed and now I tend to hit the olive bar for a lovely assortment that truly depends on what I am using them for.  If I am just putting them out on a cheese or antipasta platter, I will stick with one kind of olive, typically kalamata.  If it just for me to snack on, I tend to go with the olive salad with cubes of feta.  If the night calls for a martini, I usually pick up ones stuffed with blue cheese, I LOVE blue cheese!

This weekend while in New England for the family wedding I was reminded of my first love, canned black olives.   I had forgotten how fun they were to eat right from the can!  My cousin made a salad and tossed in the olives, I think we ate half the can before dinner even hit the table.

Black Olives, Straight from the Can

Black Olives, Straight from the Can

It brought back so many memories for me.  Dinner at my Aunt’s house, she was the first person who ever served me a “dressed” salad.  Thanksgiving dinner at my Great Aunt’s house.  She used to make a HUGE relish tray and then would have to hide it so my sister, brother and I wouldn’t fill up on olives and pickles.

Not only did we eat massive amounts of pickled items at they holidays, we liked putting the black olives on our fingers, did you do that when you were a kid?

When I came home I stopped by the store and picked up a can, I have been adding them to dishes or just eating them straight from the can ever since.

It was fun to remember all of the family and holiday dinners where olives were served and to make new memories with an old favorite.

What food item do you remember from childhood? It might just be time to revisit an old classic.


3 thoughts on “Canned Black Olives

  1. This brought a smile to my face, I too loved olives as a child and only got them at the holidays at my grandmother’s house. It wasn’t till I was much older that I realized that she put them out for me.

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