CSA, Week 11

Whew…..What a haul this week!

CSA, Week 11

CSA, Week 11

This week included:

Patty Pan Squash – I am going to turn this into a roasted veggie side dish with some of the tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and the eggplant from last week

Cucumbers – I am going to make a cucumber tomato salad for lunch this week

Onions – Various uses throughout the week

Potatoes – grilled some of them last night along with some green peppers and onions

Cherry Tomatoes – these I will just snack on all week

Red Beets – I roasted them and will toss them with a lemon vinaigrette and goat cheese for lunch one day this week

Rainbow Chard – braising this for dinner on Sunday

Raspberries – made a raspberry buttermilk cake on Friday night

Sweet Peppers – grilled some of them, will roast the rest for a dinner later this week

Jalapeno’s – made  hot pepper hoagie spread and canned it

Tomatoes – roasted a bunch of them and froze them for use this fall/winter, the rest will become a cucumber tomato salad

Carrots – debating on a roasted carrot orzo salad or glazed carrots for dinner one night this week

Basil – Pesto for a dinner this week!

Can’t wait to see what next week will bring.  It is such a fun challenge to use up all of this fresh produce in one week.  I am truly loving my CSA!

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