Jam – It’s not just for toast anymore!

Since I make so much jam every year, I inevitably get the question, how do you use up so much jam.  Here is a list of what I use my jams for besides spreading it on toast!

Tea – use jam to sweeten and flavor your tea.  I have one of my neighbors to thank for this tip, she uses my strawberry lemon in her tea in the evenings.

Meat Glaze – use it as a glaze for grilled chicken or pork

Dessert Glaze – melt it slightly in the microwave and use it as a glaze on a fruit tart to keep your fruit from turning brown, it will also give it a nice shiny look!

Yogurt – my husband uses my jams in plain yogurt every morning to flavor the yogurt

Salad Dressing – I like to add a small amount to my vinaigrettes, especially my strawberry basil  balsamic jam, just a small spoonful in the bottom of the bowl, while you whisk in the other ingredients.

Cake Filling – chocolate cake with a raspberry filling, yellow cake with an apricot filling, white cake with a strawberry filling the combinations are endless!

Cookie Filling – thumbprint cookies filled with jam….YUM!

Apricot Squares

Phyllo Cup Filling – put a small dab of jam in the bottom of the Athen’s Brand Phyllo cup, top with mousse and garnish, ta da, instant and easy dessert!

Stuffed French Toast – add it to the middle of your favorite stuffed french toast recipe

BBQ Sauce – add a unique flavor twist to your favorite bottled BBQ sauce by warming it on the stove and adding a small amount of jam.  My favorite is to add peach jam to BBQ sauce and use it on grilled pork chops

PB&J – don’t forget the good old stand by, peanut butter and jam sandwiches

Cocktails – add a small amount of jam to the bottom of a shaker, add alcohol, ice and garnish, shake and serve.  I love using black raspberry jam with vodka, a splash of club soda and a twist of lime.

Soda – whisk in a small amount of jam into a small amount of club soda until combined.  Add ice and additional club soda, instant flavored soda!

Smoothies- add a bit of jam to your next smoothie

Ice Cream Shakes – add a bit of jam to the blender when you make your next shake


This is by no means a complete list but hopefully it will give you some new ideas and help you use up the jam in  your fridge!


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