Caramel Apple Pie

I know, it isn’t truly fall yet but I was in the mood for a dessert, had a pie crust and jar of caramel that needed to be used but and decided to throw together an apple pie.

I will be the first to admit that pie is not my favorite dessert (sorry Dad!) but my husband loves apple pie.

I don’t really follow a recipe for my apple pie, it is just such a simple thing to throw together that I don’t think it is necessary.  I peeled and thinly sliced six Granny Smith apples, tossed them with a bit of flour, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Apples with Cinnamon and Sugar

Apples with Cinnamon and Sugar

I spread half the jar of caramel sauce in bottom of the pie crust, then added the apples.  I topped the apples with the rest of the sauce, then covered it with a crumb topping. I am not a fan of pie crust, the one on the bottom is enough for me, but man am I a sucker for crumb topping!

Ready for Baking!

Ready for Baking!

Can we talk about this caramel sauce for a minute?

Vanilla Caramel Sauce

Vanilla Caramel Sauce

This sauce is made by a friend of a friend and I was introduced to it this past April. It is amazing!!!  She now has online ordering on her website. If you need a gift for the holiday’s this would be an amazing gift for anyone on your list – teachers, friends, co workers, neighbors, you name it! Visit her website, in addition to the sauce pictured above, they also have a salted caramel sauce and a plain vanilla sauce.  She also makes caramel candies that are to die for, so try those as well.

Anyway, I put the pie in the oven and the whole house smelled like fall.  What is it about the flavors of apple, cinnamon, and sugar that put me in a fall mood? Heck, I was almost ready to go out and buy pumpkins and mums to put on the front steps while this was baking.  Only thing that held me back with that I wouldn’t have enough time to get back before the timer went off!

So what baking projects have you been working on?




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