Honor System

Do any of you have farm stands or people who sell produce on their front lawns?  We have a lot of them around out house and most of them work on the honor system.  Yesterday I drove by my neighbor’s house.  He had put out a table full of ripe tomatoes and a plastic container for you to put your money in.

I hadn’t realized until my Mom was visiting a few years ago that this is not standard operating procedure elsewhere in the US.  She was amazed that people actually paid for their produce.  I was shocked to think that someone wouldn’t pay for goods they received.  I guess because it is just a standard practice in our area it never occurred to me to think of not paying.

We have a lot of farmers in our area, they don’t have the time to man the stand in front of their house selling produce, this is their busy season.  If you want fresh produce, grown as locally as you can get, picked that morning, this is the most reasonable solution.   I truly hope it doesn’t every go away.  Some of you might think it is quaint, but I like living in an area that can have honor boxes at farm stands. Thank goodness for the farmers!

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