CSA, Week 15

CSA, Week 15

CSA, Week 15

What an amazing variety of color this week.  I was looking back at my week one photo and it is mostly green!  The tomatoes are starting wind down, I think we only have a few weeks left on those but I am going to thoroughly enjoy them while they last.

So here is what I got this week…..

Tomatoes – I had a bunch already on my counter so this morning I roasted all of them in the oven.

Typical Saturday Morning at my  House!

Typical Saturday Morning at my House!

Cherry Tomatoes – I will snack on these all week

Beets – I roasted these alongside the tomatoes this morning

Zucchini – I think I am going to slice it, bread it and fry it for dinner tonight.  I haven’t done that all summer and soon the zucchini will be gone for another year….

Peppers – I am thinking about making pizza on the grill for dinner Sunday and if so, I will use these on my pizza.  If not, I will cut them and take them to work as a snack

Jalapeno’s – I am going to cut them in half, stuff them with a cream cheese/cheddar cheese mixture, wrap them in bacon and grill them as a snack for the football game on Sunday afternoon

Salad Greens – If we have pizza tomorrow, I will have a salad with it, if not, this will be lunch on Monday

Rainbow Chard – I am craving a Quiche with rainbow chard, garlic and Gruyère cheese

Carrots – I used up some of these Friday night making glazed carrots, I am going to use some to make chicken stock, the rest will be for snacking

Potatoes – I will use these for dinner tonight.  Probably either roasted or mashed, the jury is still out!

Onions – some went into the tomato sauce I made Friday night, the rest will be used in dinners all week

Parsley – I made a batch of meatballs Friday night and used the parsley in them

Basil – I made a HUGE batch of tomato sauce Friday night and used the basil in the sauce

WHEW….what a list!



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