Pear Vanilla Jam

So Saturday afternoon, I went to the local orchard to pick up a few more apples to finish making no sugar added apple butter for a friend and when I arrived, they had a half peck of seconds pears.  I couldn’t resist, I picked them up, for goodness sake they were less than $ 4.00! I came home and started looking for recipes, nothing outrageous, nothing too involved, and BAM, I came across a recipe for Pear Vanilla Jam on the Food in Jars website.

I had everything I need on hand so bright and early Sunday morning I started.


Since you didn’t have to peel the fruit, the process was super easy, just a quick wash of the fruit, cut out the core and dice.

You combine the fruit, sugar, and the scraped vanilla beans in the pot and cook them until the fruit is soft.

Pear Vanilla Jam Cooking Away

Pear Vanilla Jam Cooking Away

You can either smash the fruit using a potato masher or use a submersible blender.  I went the easy route and used my blender.  Once it is as “chunky” as you like it you bring it to a boil, add the pectin, and cook for an additional 5 minutes.  Start to finish was about 40 minutes per batch, including the preparation of the fruit.

The  whole house smelled amazing.  I had apple butter cooking in the slow cooker and pear vanilla jam on the stove.  With the cooler temperatures you could almost swear fall was here!

The vanilla notes were the first thing to hit your palate, followed by the pear.  Each flavor was strong but truly that first bite brought the vanilla to your attention.  I am going to spread this on a wheel of brie and bake it, pear is such a delicate flavor and with the vanilla notes, I think it will pair well with the cheese.

I am also thinking this will be a great filling for a deep, dark, chocolate cake.  Most people think of raspberry, which is very, very good but I think the vanilla and pear with be so unexpected and different.

Did any of you make anything new this weekend?

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