Sunday Dinner

Sunday night I was in the mood for a comforting fall meal.  I stopped at Wegman’s on my way home from work, because I hadn’t had a chance to go grocery shopping over the weekend.  I really didn’t have a plan, I knew I wanted to use the turnips that came in my CSA on Friday but other than that, I figured I would see what looked good.

While perusing the meat case, I came across some gorgeous lamb chops, SOLD!

Lamb Chops, Seasoned and Ready for the Grill

Lamb Chops, Seasoned and Ready for the Grill

They came out perfect!  The husband expertly grilled them to medium rare.  I wasn’t in the mood for rosemary so I used the Penzey’s Greek Seasoning on the chops before grilling.

Now for the side dishes, I love the turnip gratin recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  It is just wonderful.  The turnips get nice and mellow.  The recipe includes turnips, cream, garlic and Gruyère cheese – how could you not like it? I came across this recipe two years ago when we had a boatload of turnips from our CSA.  It was a huge hit in our house.

Turnip Gratin - Cast of Characters!

Turnip Gratin – Cast of Characters!

I used my food processor to slice the turnips so they were all the same size.  I wiped out the processor, changed the blade and shredded the cheese.  It is super simple to put together and then you pop it in the oven.  I had too many turnips to make this in my cast iron skillet so I used a 9×9 glass pan.  It turned out beautifully.  I should have taken a picture of the finished product but I was just so hungry and everything smelled so good that I just dug in and ate!

I picked up some broccoli and cauliflower and steamed that as our vegetable dish.  I figured two vegetables would balance out the cream, cheese, and butter that was in the gratin, right?  Everything in moderation!

It was a wonderful Sunday dinner at our house, what did you have for dinner on Sunday?




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