CSA, Week 18


CSA, week 18, holy cow!  Time is flying this year.   I just got the notice to sign up for the winter CSA.  Not sure if I am going to sign up, we have been working non stop around here and I am having trouble using up all of the produce each week.  I hate to see anything go to waste. Ah well, I have another week to decide.  The winter CSA would be a 10 week CSA ending the last week of December. It would be a lot of root veggies and greens, which we love, so I will probably do it.  Also the pick up day changes, which might help me since my schedule is usually a bit easier on Tuesday nights.

This week I worked Friday night so the hubby picked up my CSA for me, thanks honey!  Here was out haul…..

Onions – I used some along with the carrots and potatoes to make roasted root vegetables for dinner on Saturday night

Potatoes – Roasted with onions and carrots on Saturday night

Carrots – Roasted with onions and potatoes on Saturday night

Tomatoes – I will probably roast these and freeze them

Turnips – I will mash these with sweet potatoes and regular potatoes for dinner tonight

Green Peppers – Peppers and eggs is on the menu for breakfast this morning!

Radishes and White Radishes – will probably use these as snacks at work this week

Jalapeno’s – I am thinking of stuffing them with sausage, then baking them.  I intend on serving them as a game day snack to the guys….hope it turns out!

Broccoli Raab – I will saute this with garlic for dinner tonight

Basil – I am hoping to make a vegetable pasta dinner for one on Monday and will use the basil on top as a garnish

Salad Greens – we ate these last night for dinner, yummy!

Broccoli – hoping to use this for my pasta dinner on Monday night

That’s all for this week, folks…..Enjoy your Sunday, it is a misty, foggy morning in our corner of the world.

2 thoughts on “CSA, Week 18

    • Thanks, I figured they would be just like a stuffed pepper, just a little hotter. They turned out great. To be safe, I cooked the sausage first, then stuffed them, wrapped them in bacon and roasted them until the bacon was crisp.

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