Veggie Pasta for One

In an effort to finish up the veggies from Friday, I made myself a vegetarian pasta dish on Wednesday night. I sautéed up some onions, peppers, and garlic.  I added broccoli raab and a boatload of tomatoes.  I added a splash of white wine and let the whole thing reduce and cook.

While that was cooking, I put a pot of water on to boil.   I used some cellentani pasta because I just love the shape, twisty noodles are so much fun!

Once the pasta was done, I ladled some pasta water into the sauce, drained the rest of the pasta and added it to the pan.  A nice generous helping of parmesan cheese and I had dinner!

Veggie Pasta for One!

I used purple onions, yellow peppers, green broccoli raab, and red tomatoes.  I know you are supposed to eat a rainbow of veggies every day and I think I might have made my quota.

There was enough left over that I was able to take this for lunch today, SCORE!  I really do like bringing my lunch every day.  I eat better, I eat healthier, I save money, and I can eat at my desk between meetings and events.  I don’t have to find the time to go search out food, or hit a vending machine, a lovely lunch is ready and waiting for me to find the time to eat.

One of my co workers commented on my lunch – she said her idea of the basic four food groups are vending machines, fast food, convenience stores, and take out.  I just couldn’t live like that.  I feel better when I eat good food and with my schedule, I need all of the energy I can get.

Do you take lunch or buy lunch at work?  What is your favorite dish to take/eat for lunch

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