CSA, Week 21

Hello!  Sorry for the absence, long weekend, in fact I left on Friday, came home on Sunday and had the hubby pick up the CSA which is why there is no picture for this post.  Things are heating up at work again, I will be working 17 hours next Friday so no picture next week either…..hopefully things will slow down soon.

In the meantime, CSA week 21!

Garlic – whoo hooo, FINALLY!  I can’t wait to use it to saute the greens from this week

Salad Greens – we had these for dinner on Sunday night along with the last of my garden tomatoes.  Frost has officially killed my tomato plant, so long for another year….

Jalapeno Peppers – I have a bunch in the fridge, I need to can them, hopefully I will get around to this on Saturday….wish me luck!

Broccoli – will use this up on Thursday, Halloween night!

Broccoli Raab – will be cooking this with garlic and putting it in the freezer

Collard Greens – cooking it up with the broccoli raab

Carrots – These will not get used up this week, my schedule is crazy and so is the hubby’s, thank goodness they will hold!

Onions – again, will be using them up next week

Potatoes – see onions/carrots!

Turnips – not sure what my protein will be for Halloween but the side dishes are broccoli and mashed turnips… any suggestions?

I hope your week is moving along.  I have had some interesting news on the job front, I am afraid I can’t share it with you yet, but it looks like I will be even BUSIER after January 1st.  Here’s hoping I get a lot of sleep over winter break, I am gonna need it!

Happy Monday!


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