Blue Ribbon Apple Cake

This weekend I was totally in the mood for something sweet and made with apples.  I am not a huge fan of apple pie and I wasn’t in the mood for apple crisp but I thought a nice apple cake would hit the spot.  I turned to several cookbooks and didn’t find exactly what I was looking for until I picked up my The Cook’s Country Cookbook

It had a recipe for a Blue Ribbon Apple Cake, page 509. It had you peel and slice your apples and saute them in butter, brown sugar and a pinch of salt until soft.

Apple Topping

You put the apples in the bottom of the 9″ round cake pan then topped it with the cake batter. After it is baked you flip the cake out onto a serving platter so the apples are now on top.

Finished Cake

It reminded me of a pineapple upside down cake in style.  The apples were to die for, I could have just eaten those and left the cake alone.  It isn’t that the cake is bad, just OK, and seriously, if I am going to blow my calories in a day, I want something that is spectacular!

Honestly, I think this would be better as a breakfast cake with coffee.  It is a nice dish to serve when you have a small amount of people because it only makes one 9″ single layer cake.

I will be making the apples again, I am thinking they would be the perfect topping to vanilla ice cream filled crepes….I might just need to make those for Thanksgiving dessert instead of pumpkin cheesecake…..

Happy Fall!

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