I had two heads of purple cabbage from my CSA in the fridge so I decided to make sauerkraut today.  I ferment my sauerkraut, using a recipe from Marissa at Food in Jars. 

It is super simple to make, two ingredients – cabbage and salt, plus a flavoring herb or spice if you wish.

Sauerkraut Prep

I use fennel seeds instead of caraway, just because I have them on hand and I like them.

I also prefer to use my hands instead of a potato masher to break down the cabbage, it is a perfect stress reliever!

Fermenting Sauerkraut

I put my jars in a cabinet and will check them daily.  In about 2-3 weeks I will put it in the fridge to stop the fermentation process.  Can’t wait for homemade sauerkraut!

I am debating about adding carrots and/or apples to my next batch.  I keep reading about how it sweetens your sauerkraut naturally, I will let you know what happens!


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