CSA, Week 4


Whew, what a week, two snow storms, one more predicted, finals week at school, end of the year celebrations, holiday shopping, parties, and wrapping.  I am just exhausted thinking about it all.   This weekend I plan to stay at home for most of the weekend, I only have two things that I MUST do this weekend (both FUN!) and I plan on cooking up a storm.

This produce will certainly help with the cooking…..

Celeriac – Whooo hooo! Love this veggie, I will probably combine it with potatoes in a mash

Potatoes – MASHED baby!  Pure winter comfort food

Sweet Potatoes – I have a pile of these, I am thinking about a pot of soup and using the potatoes as my starch

Cabbage – I really want to make beef, cheese and cabbage meat pies with these.  Depending on how bad the snow is on Saturday, I might make a trip to the butcher for beef

Greens – sautéed with garlic

Brussel Sprouts – sautéed with garlic and BACON, everything is better with bacon

Carrots – I roasted a bunch of root veggies last week and it was awesome. I think I will do that again with the carrots, beets, rutabegas and turnips

Beets – roasted

Rutabega – roasted

Turnips – roasted

Salad Greens – Yummy salad for lunch tomorrow

Leeks – I love leeks, might have to try this recipe. If I do, I will let you know how it turns out.

Take care of yourselves this week, baby it is cold outside and the holiday rush is in full swing!

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