Winter Solstice

Winter is not my favorite season, I think you all know that by now.  What I do like about winter….

Snuggling under a blanket on the sofa while watching the fire burn in our fireplace

Slipping into warm flannel sheets on a cold winter night

Candle light, soft, flickering, cozy light

Soup, warm, comforting, hearty, satisfying

Bread, fresh from the oven, the aroma, the taste, the melted butter

Christmas and New Year’s, time to gather with family and friends, to reconnect, slow down, enjoy spending time with those you love

The luscious, indulgent food of the season.  Creamy foods, decadent sweets, bold flavors.

On this winter solstice, I will light my candles, and keep them burning to ensure the sun comes up tomorrow.  But I will also celebrate that this is the shortest day of the year.  After this, days will get longer, the sun will shine and hope springs eternal.  I think the darkness of winter is always the hardest part for me.  I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  Today reminds me that this is just a season, light is cyclical and we and the earth need this time to get ready for the busy and long days of summer.


I hope you take the time this winter to slow down, reconnect, rest and refresh yourselves.  It is nature’s downtime and we could all do with a little downtime ourselves.

My plans for the day are to finish picking up some stocking stuffers, put on a big pot of soup and bake a loaf of bread.  Once the sun goes down I intend on putting in a whole rack of Christmas music, lighting some candles and sitting on my sofa with a glass of wine.  This week is a busy one, fun, lovely, and crazy, so I will take the day to relax and restore my soul.  Reflect on the year and make plans for 2014.

Happy Winter Solstice, embrace the season, embrace the hope and the assurance that warmer, longer days are on their way but while we wait, don’t forget to celebrate and enjoy the gifts of the winter season.  Choose to spend your time celebrating the light we do have today but also, be thankful for the darkness.



2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. Happy Winter Solstice to you, too, Michele.This is a great post and you certainly have the best sort of plans for tonight. For me, these days, winter is actually my favorite season–although it is probably tied with fall. It is my favorite for all the reasons you mentioned,but also because the kids are in school and we have more structure to our lives. I feel like I am more productive and motivated–especially in the kitchen. (Though I am certainly not a cook like you!). Soup is one of my favorite things in the world (to make and to eat) and in the hot, muggy summertime when the days go on and on, I usually do not feel like cooking anything at all and so often don’t.

    This weekend I have to get the rest of the way organized because we have quite a crew coming to our house for the holidays. My main goals are to get the house the rest of the way cleaned up and to get the holiday baking done. Luckily I have only 1/2 a day left of work before I am off through New Year’s Day. Happy Holidays to you . . enjoy!

    • How funny, I am so much more productive in the spring and summer. Good luck getting everything organized, enjoy your time off, and Happy Holidays to you too! Tell your family I said hello, please.

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