CSA, Week 6


This week and next week our pick up day was changed to Monday.  I think everyone in our CSA group had the day off and decided it would be a good idea to pick up at 3pm, the parking lot was FULL!  Everyone was full of good cheer and we took turns picking out produce while visiting and talking about our Christmas menu’s.  This is what happens when you put a bunch of foodies in a room together and make them wait for produce.

Our share this week included:

Butternut Squash – Roasted Butternut Squash risotto

Sweet Potatoes – thinking of making a white and sweet potato gratin

Potatoes – Homefries on Christmas morning

Cabbage – Roasted in the oven with cream and butter

Red Beets – Roasted Root Vegetables

Salad Greens – Yum, dinner tonight

Radishes – I will add them to the salad greens tonight

Collard Greens – Added to soup

Carrots – Soup

Rutabegas – Roasted Root Vegetables

Turnips – Roasted Root Vegetables

Leeks – Soup

Just some last minute food prep here but the rest of my Christmas shopping and wrapping is DONE!  My hubby is going out tonight to shop for me, he is crazy, he usually waits until Christmas Eve so at least he is starting early this year.

Are you all done, wrapped and ready?


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