CSA Week 9

You might have noticed that I skipped CSA week 8.  Last week was insanely busy and I just couldn’t fit the CSA pick up into my schedule any night of the week. I was totally bummed but also relieved because I didn’t have time to cook anything either and I felt like things might have gone to waste.

Anyway….back on schedule this week, this is the second to last week of pick ups and I was working (again, surprise) so the hubby was kind enough to pick up the produce.

I didn’t even take a full picture, just snapped this shot of a funky carrot while making dinner that night.  My schedule is just crazy and about to get even more nuts so I am grateful that our weekly pick up is over until Summer.

blog post 1.16.2014 001

This week we got:

Carrots – going to cook them on Sunday with Pork Roast and Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes – Mashed on Sunday

Rutabega – Roasted Root Veg

Turnip – Turnip Gratin

Beets – Roasted Root Veg

Chard and Collards – Quiche with Gruyere and Garlic

Cabbage – Coleslaw for Sandwiches on Saturday

Diakon Radish – Sliced for Snacking

Parsnips – Roasted Root Veg

Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!




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