Asian Coleslaw

Sunday night I had two criteria for our dinner side dish, it needed to be asian inspired and it needed to use up the cabbage in our fridge.  I searched a few recipes on the internet and came across Alton Brown’s Asian Slaw.

It was the perfect fit.  The flavors were so bold and went perfectly with the Honey Sesame Pork Tenderloin.  I went with plain white rice as our starch because the two other dishes on the table were so intensely flavored and it worked beautifully.

The peanut butter and sesame oil combined for a creamy, dairy free dressing.  I love the flavor of sesame oil and the fact that it was in both the pork and coleslaw made me very happy.  I keep my sesame oil in the fridge because it can spoil so easily.

Asian Slaw

The recipe calls for both cilantro and mint.  I am not a huge fan of mint in most recipes but it was perfectly balanced so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the flavor of mint.  I know some people can’t stand cilantro, but we love it.  I minced both of the herbs instead of cutting them into a chiffonade.

The vinegar and lime juice cut the fatty richness of the oil and peanut butter and rounded out the other flavors.  I only used one and a half Serrano peppers, mine were rather large and when I tasted them, they were pretty spicy.  Serrano are so good for you, they have an amazing amount of vitamin C! Ginger is always a good thing to include in any meal, it aids with digestion, is an anti inflammatory, and is great for sinus congestion.   I figure with the amount of snow shoveling we have done this week we could use a good anti inflammatory and a nice dose of vitamin C.

Dinner was a hit, I definitely will be making the coleslaw again. I  am thinking it would be a perfect topper for a salmon burger on the grill in the summer.   Since we have some left, I might cook up some quinoa and add it to some slaw and take it for lunch one day this week.   That way I would have my veggies and protein in one fell swoop!






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