Sausage and Pepper Dinner

Monday night I wanted an easy, quick dinner to put on the table.  I had some sweet Italian Sausage in the freezer and peppers were on sale at the grocery store.

I cleaned and sliced the peppers and onions on Sunday night while preparing our dinner.  When I came home on Monday night all I needed to do was saute the peppers/onions and fry up the sausage.

Pepper and Onion Prep

While the sausage was cooking, I made a quick version of Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce with Butter.


The recipe couldn’t be easier, it has three ingredients – canned tomatoes, an onion, and butter.  It is so simple yet amazingly flavorful sauce.  The tomatoes become so sweet, you don’t need to add anything but pasta!

I cooked up some frozen spinach and cheese ravioli as a side dish to the sausage, peppers and onions.  It is a meal we eat often in our house.  In the summer, I skewer peppers, onions and sausage, then grill them and serve them with a side of pasta or if it is really hot out, I make a nice cold pasta salad. It is one of my go to weeknight dinners.

Sausage and Peppers

What do you make for dinner that is easy to prepare and everyone loves to eat?


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