Spring Vegetable Risotto

Friday night I stopped by Wegmans to get fish for dinner.  I checked out the case then called the hubby to see what he was in the mood for and he told me he had eaten a really late lunch and wasn’t all that hungry for dinner.  This was fantastic news for me, since I HATE fish but eat it because it is good for me!

My original plan was to have Salmon with an Asparagus Risotto but once he said no to the fish, I decided to bump up the vegetables and make a Vegetable Risotto for dinner.

Spring Vegetable Risotto

I sautéed the vegetables first.  My vegetables were:  Julienne Carrots, Yellow Squash, and Zucchini, Diced Shallot, asparagus, and Peas.  I added all of the vegetables to the pot, with the exception of the peas, with a bit of olive oil and cooked them until the shallot was translucent.  I measured out the rice and added it to my pot.  Once the rice was coated with oil, I deglazed the pan with a little bit of white wine.

Once the wine cooked out, I started adding vegetable stock, one cup at a time, until it was all absorbed, the rice was tender and the sauce had thickened.

I tossed in some grated parmesan cheese and half a bag of peas.  After the peas had heated through, I  plated it and served it with crusty french bread and called it dinner.

Veggie Risotto

It really was fantastic.  Lent is the only time I can serve meatless meals to the hubby without him grumbling.  Usually we have fish, but this week it was vegetarian all the way, baby!

If you omit the cheese, you have a lovely vegan dish that you can make at Easter if you have any vegan/vegetarian guests.


2 thoughts on “Spring Vegetable Risotto

  1. Hi Michele: Just coming back and catching up on your blog. I am so glad I did. This one is right up my alley. I love risottos–making them and eating them. I am going to try this one some time. Too bad my kids seem to have an issue with any risotto, but I am used to having to make them something else anyway since I am the only vegetarian in my family.

    Great posts on your blog overall . .. I hope Spring time is finally coming your way for good. (I think it is here in Indiana finally, but I am going to knock on wood right now!) I like winter but I also like the change of seasons and I am ready for Spring! Take care.

    • Thanks Bonnie. Spring has finally arrived, yeah! We love risotto in our house so I make it quite often. Hopefully your kids will change their mind one day and LOVE risotto.

      I love that Lent forces us to eat more vegetarian meals. I tend to eat vegetarian while the hubby travels, it is just easier, but I would love to get him to eat more meatless meals. Dishes like this go a long way to making him OK with the idea. Take care, hopefully we can get together one of these days!

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