Grilled Pizza

I just love making pizza dough in my bread maker.  I throw the ingredients in, two hours later we have pizza dough! Pizza is also a quick weeknight meal for us, especially when we make it on the grill.   I usually make the dough the night before and let it hang out in the fridge until dinner time.  Yesterday, I had the day off so I was able to make the dough in the morning and put it in the fridge to rest until dinner.

The hubby really likes pepperoni pizza.  I tend to change my pizza selections up, depending on the season and what I have in the fridge.   I had some arugula and ricotta cheese left over from some other recipes so I used those to make a white pizza for me.

Pepperoni Pizza White Pizza

We have a BBQ grill pizza stone that I bought a few years ago from Williams and Sonoma and it makes the best pizza crust, they are totally crispy on the bottom. The stone can withstand higher temperatures than most oven stones, you get it screaming hot and put your pizza right onto the stone.  It only takes about 8 minutes per pizza! It also helps that I also have a killer pizza dough recipe that I found years ago, when I got my bread maker it was one of the recipes in the book that came with the machine.  It uses beer as the liquid as well as providing the yeast for leavening.

Since I was going to have a white pizza, I also made garlic oil to brush on my dough before topping it with the cheeses.  It is such an easy thing to do and you can use any leftover oil in other recipes where you might want to add some garlic flavor.  I used 6 cloves of garlic last night, peeled and cut in half and 1 cup of oil.  I put them in a small saucepan, I turned the flame to high and waited until I started seeing little bubbles surrounding the garlic.  Once you see that, reduce the heat to low and let it cook for 20 minutes.  Take it off the heat after 20 minutes, remove the garlic and you have garlic flavored oil.  I love using the oil to make breakfast potatoes, it gives it such great flavor. It is also nice to use to saute the vegetables and protein in a stir fry.

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