Burgers and Fries

I was able to take Friday off work so I drove to our local butcher for some freshly ground beef chuck and made burgers and fries for dinner. I LOVE that we have a local butcher.  His meats are so fresh and he grinds all of your meat to order, which, trust me, makes a huge difference in taste and texture.  Plus, you can tell him how much fat you want in your meat, depending on what you are making.  For burgers, you need a little extra fat or they will be dry hockey pucks when they come off the grill!

burgers, ready for grill

I only needed on pound of meat for the me and the hubby.  I made four patties, all with a lovely little hole in the center to stop the center from rising, and seasoned them with Montreal Steak Seasoning.  A few minutes per side on the grill and we topped them with some cheese.

Blog Post 4.26.14 010

Instead of buying a package of hamburger buns and wasting three of them, I bought kaiser rolls.  The rolls were so big that the hubby piled two burgers on a bun! I handcut some fries, tossed them with a bit of olive oil and some of the Montreal Steak Seasoning and baked them in the oven.

Oven Fries Coleslaw

I rounded out our meal with some homemade coleslaw and called it a day!  Perfect early spring dinner cooked out on the grill, in a few more weeks we will be able to enjoy this dinner while sitting around the table ON the deck.  Happy Spring everyone!

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