Eggs and Bacon, Baby!

Sunday morning I was so completely in the mood for bacon and eggs.   I had picked up a pound of bacon from the butcher on Saturday morning so I was all set!

I started by frying the bacon, I removed the bacon to drain but kept all of the bacon grease in the pan, right where it belonged.   I added some potatoes and fried them up with some onions.   Once they were almost done, I pushed them to the sides of the pan and cracked two eggs into the center of the pan.

Once the eggs were in the pan, I toasted up some fresh jewish rye bread.  By the time the eggs were done, the toast was ready to be buttered and I was all ready to eat.


I am not a huge fan of breakfast foods first thing in the morning, but after I have been up for a few hours, I love having bacon and eggs.  So I guess you would consider this a really late breakfast, early lunch.  Either way, it was delicious! Exactly what I needed to get my day off to a good start.

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