Better late than never…..

Between my work schedule and the husband’s travel schedule we didn’t get a chance to celebrate my birthday.  Since it usually falls around Mother’s Day I like to avoid restaurants at all costs so that leaves me one option, cooking dinner for myself!

I make a bittersweet chocolate torte in the morning because it needed to sit in the fridge for at least three hours after it had cooled completely on the counter. What a wonderful, wonderful thing for me to do for myself, it was AMAZING!

Chocolate Torte blog post 5.12.14 018

Rich, deep, dark, chocolate…..sigh……it was luscious.

For dinner I kept it simple, grilled Filet Mignon, Salad, and a Baked Potato.

B Day Dinner Salad

I indulged even more with a lovely blue cheese sauce for my steak, heavy on the blue cheese.

Blue Cheese Sauce

It was a dinner worthy of a celebration and better than anything you would find in any restaurant in the area.  Happy Birthday to ME!

2 thoughts on “Better late than never…..

  1. I’m sorry you had to make your own BDay dinner but it sure looks AWESOME! I know with your seafood allergy it is hard to go to a restaurant due to cross contamination. But, I don’t think any restaurant could rival your homemade meal. All that money you spent on a culinary degree certainly is paying off.

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