Sorry that I have been AWOL for the last ten days, it has been a very busy time at work!  We had our Bachelor of Science Conferment Ceremony on Friday May 16th, Commencement Rehearsal on Tuesday May 20th and Commencement on Wednesday May 21st.   This was the first year that I was completely in charge of all three ceremonies on the logistics side and the first time EVER the person on the academic side had ever done any type of ceremony, let alone ones on the scale of Conferment and Commencement.   We had a lot of late nights reviewing details, etc. etc.

Thank goodness both ceremonies went beautifully with only a few minor glitches.  Congratulations to the graduating class of 2014!

I haven’t been home to sleep much, let alone cook and as you can see, my posts reflected my lack of time in the kitchen.  I took Thursday the 22nd off and pampered myself with a facial and massage.  Best decision of the week!  I am back on track and in the kitchen cooking up a storm this weekend.   I have lots of posts to share with you, good food, good friends, and good times were had this holiday weekend.  Stay tuned for the details!



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