Memorial Day

Memorial Day is the day we honor those in the Armed Services who sacrificed all for our freedom and security.  Thank you to all who died for my freedom, I am grateful for their service and humbled by their sacrifice.  To the families they left behind, please know how awed I am and how sorry I am for your loss.

blog post 5.25.14 094

My neighbor has ringed his yard with flags, it looks so pretty and fills me with such pride to be an American.   We have our flag flying year round at our house and in the summer months, we add three flags to our mailbox post.  For Memorial Day, I added small flags to all of the flower beds surrounding the house.

I know many people who are angered that this holiday has become more of a three-day party weekend.  I choose to think that by celebrating the “unofficial” start of summer, by gathering with friends and families in backyards across America, we are honoring our fallen hero’s.  If it wasn’t for them, standing on the front lines, dying for my freedom, we wouldn’t be the country we are today.  Should we take the time to understand the meaning behind the holiday, yes, it is our duty.   Should we find a way to thank those who have died for our freedom, YES, absolutely.  Should we find a way to support those families and friends left behind, without question.

Take a few minutes today to reflect on our past, to thank those soldiers who gave all for our freedom, and gather with friends and family to celebrate that freedom.

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