Summer Cocktails

Every summer I try my hand at a new cocktail recipe.   I am a wine drinker normally but the summer begs for something light and fresh.  I usually whip up a batch of gin and tonics with lime when we have company but at least once a season, I get the urge to try something new.

I had been seeing a bunch of recipes for Watermelon Sangria on the internet, so I decided to try one.   I like sangria if it isn’t too sweet and this recipe didn’t have any added sugar so I figured it would be my best choice. Besides, it has Limoncello in it, the perfect summer liqueur!

Watermelon Sangria

The recipe was on Joy the Baker’s blog.  It has watermelon and strawberries alongside oranges and limes.  I was a bit disappointed in the drink, it just didn’t taste very strongly of watermelon.  I don’t think that had anything to do with the recipe, I think it was totally the fault of my melon, it is just too early in the season for good watermelon.  I am going to try it again when they come in season in our area.  Don’t let my failure stop you from trying this recipe!  It has such a wonderful mix of flavors that I can’t help but believe it will be awesome once I lay my hands on some sweet, juicy watermelon.

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