How to make your garden grow

We all know that April Showers bring May Flowers but it also brings June Gardens!  In early spring my crocus, daffodils, and tulip bulbs all bloomed in spectacular color.  We even had blooms on our lilac bush this year!

blog post 3.12.14 002 Blog Post 5.10.14 027 LilacApril May 2013 026

In early spring I planted two flats of pansies in the beds out front and in pots  by the front door.

Spring 2014 030

Two weeks ago, I planted pots of flowers on the patio for some much-needed color and punch.

Impatients Blog Post 6.7.14 026 Zinnia's

Last week, I added a vegetable garden with zucchini, peppers (sweet and hot), tomatoes, herbs, and cucumbers.  The cucumbers didn’t make it but everything else is doing well.   I planted my horseradish in a pot because good lord will it take over if you put it in a vegetable patch!  My neighbor was kind enough to share with me some of their mint, which I planted in another pot and strawberry plants, which I put in the vegetable garden.

Basil Mint Peppers have flowers Strawberry Plants Tomato

This week, the two miniature rose bushes that I planted by the mail box last year, bloomed with gorgeous pink roses.   It looks so pretty around here right now.

Roses in Bloom


I just love the seasons of spring and summer!  Look at all of this luscious green, flowers blooming, plants growing, vegetables flowering…..ahhhh….makes me a happy girl.  Go out and enjoy the sunshine today, it is what I intend on doing!

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