I just love homemade lemonade in the summer.  It is such a refreshing drink and it can be used as a base for so many other drinks.  My mother’s favorite is an Arnold Palmer, equal parts lemonade and iced tea.   I love adding vodka to my lemonade.  With strawberries in season I was seriously tempted to puree a few berries and add them to the lemonade but in the end, I just really wanted a tall, frosty glass of sweetly tart lemonade.

Lemonade is such an easy recipe with only three ingredients – water, sugar, lemons.  You can’t really get any simpler than that.  As I said above you can always puree another fruit into the finished product for a different taste and or texture but the drink really doesn’t need any embellishment.  It is perfect as is.

Lemonade – 2 Quarts

12 Lemons, Juiced

4 Cup Water, Divided

1 Cup Sugar

I begin by combining one cup of water and one cup of sugar in a sauce pan, bring it to a boil and once the sugar dissolves.  I take it off the heat.  It is your standard simple syrup recipe.

Once the simple syrup is cool, I combine it with the juice of 12 lemons and 3 cups cold water.  That’s it, now pour it over ice and enjoy!

blog post 6.8.14 034

If you are looking for a way to change-up the flavor, you can always add ingredients to your simple syrup to infuse the drink.  I wait until the sugar is dissolved and I have turned off the heat, then I add the flavor component and let it steep.  It is up to you if you strain it out before adding it to the lemonade.  Some of my favorite additions are: lavender (make sure you have the edible kind!), basil, thyme, or ginger.  I especially like infusing flavor into the lemonade if I am using it as a base for an adult summer beverage.

It is a bit hot out today, I can’t wait to put a cool glass of lemonade in my hand and sit under the umbrella on the deck, watching the world go by, happy lazy days of summer to you, my friend! A word of caution, this is a very tart lemonade, if it is too tart for you, add up to one additional cup of superfine sugar to the finished product until it reaches your desired level of sweetness.



2 thoughts on “Lemonade

  1. Perfectly refreshing! Loved the tartness.. I feel like so many homemade lemonades get sugarhappy! Thanks for sharing your food/drink!! It’s very obvious it comes from your heart!! 🙂 where is the taste tester sign-up sheet?

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