Steakhouse Dinner, At Home

The weather has just been so nice, long sunny days, beautiful breezes, temperatures dropping to reasonable levels at night.  I think we have spent every available minute outside this week!  We have kept our windows open to capture the cool morning air and between the ceiling fans and the constant breeze it has been relatively cool in our house.

We have always preferred to have the windows open, exchanging the air in our house with fresh air from outside.  This time of year you have the added benefit of lovely smelling flowers floating in on the breeze.

I was craving beef for dinner and I knew it would be a few months before I really wanted a steak for dinner.  I find steak to be so heavy in the summer, I prefer to eat steak when the weather is cool.   Since I knew this might be the last time we had steak this summer, I wanted to do it up right.

blog post 6.21.14 017

I cooked up some tenderloin filets, paired it with creamy Yukon gold garlic mashed potatoes and cabbage braised in heavy cream.  It is a meal worthy of a celebration!

The garlic in the potatoes definitely stood up to the intensity of the steak and the slight crunch of the cabbage made this an absolutely perfect dinner.   So while I enjoyed my dinner, I say farewell to steak until fall.

On a completely different note – I have been trying to list items that are gluten-free, I personally don’t have an issue with gluten but one of my friends, Patti, does and when she comes to my house, I want her to be able to enjoy everything I put on the table.   I think people are intimidated by cooking gluten-free but it really is all about planning ahead.  This entire dinner tonight is gluten-free, I am sure you have more gluten-free meals and foods in your repatiore than you realize.  If you need more ideas on how to cook for someone who is gluten intolerant, I have found the web site Gluten Free Girl to be an invaluable resource, oh and her blueberry clafoutis is AWESOME!

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