July 4th

I thought it might be fun to make a list of red, white, and blue foods that you can take with you today to any BBQ! Here are just a few ideas….


Strawberry, Blueberry, and Feta Cheese over Field Greens with a Champagne Vinaigrette

Red, White, and Blue Potato Salad – use white potatoes, red bliss potatoes, and purple potatoes

Pasta Salad with Red Pepper, Mozzarella Cheese, and Purple Onion

Red Quinoa Salad with Dried Blueberries and Feta Cheese

Layered Jello Salad


Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, Pico de Gallo, and Sour Cream

Blue Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Watermelon, Blueberry, and Jicama Skewers


Red, White and Blue Pasta – Penne Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes in a Blue Cheese Sauce

Chicken Kabobs with Red Peppers and Purple Potatoes

Grilled Halibut with a Blueberry, Red Pepper Salsa

Hamburgers with Homemade Ketchup and Blue Cheese


Phylo Cups Filled with No Bake Cheesecake Filling, Topped with Blueberries and Strawberries

Sugar Cookies, Frosted with White Icing and Topped with Blue and Red Sprinkles

Strawberries Filled with Sweetened Cream Cheese, Topped with Blueberries

Flag Cake – Cake Decorated with White Icing, Blueberries and Strawberries in the Pattern of the Flag

Blueberry, Strawberry, and Mini marshmallow Skewers

Strawberries Dipped in White Chocolate, then in Blue Sanding Sugar

Strawberry Ice Cream, Blueberry Ice Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream

Red, White and Blue....with Fireworks!

Red, White and Blue….with Fireworks!

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration, Happy 4th of July.



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