Grilling in the Rain

I don’t know about you, but we love to grill and a little thing like rain, even rain from Hurricane Arthur isn’t enough to derail our dinner!

blog post 7.3.14 017blog post 7.3.14 063

I had picked up some smoked chicken sausage and the hubby braved the rain to grill them.   I paired them with a side of pasta in red sauce and a beautiful side salad.  It was a quick, easy dinner that we ate while watching it rain.

blog post 7.3.14 020 blog post 7.3.14 021

I just love how quickly dinners are on the table in the summer, grilling just makes for faster meals.   I don’t seem to focus so heavily on meal planning in the summer and the long days are just suited to being outside, enjoying the day, instead of sitting in the house flipping through cookbooks.

As I have said before, each season has a different vibe, to me, summer is quick, easy, and fresh for me.  We eat lighter, we definitely eat more vegetables and green salads, and less meat.  It is just too hot to digest heavy proteins.  So go forth and grill….and don’t let the rain stop you.

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