Thanksgiving….Summer Style

The hubby and I both love turkey, it isn’t just for Thanksgiving in our house!  I found some boneless, skinless turkey breasts in the meat case, marinated them in a honey mustard and grilled them.

My husband and I both have a profound weakness for mashed potatoes, his excuse is that he is Irish….I have no excuses, just an extreme dependency on any and all white starches.  Anyway, I paired the grilled turkey with fluffy mashed potatoes, opened a jar of gravy because I didn’t have any drippings from a roasted turkey! and boiled up a few peas for color.

Turkey, Mashed Pots and Peas

I called it our version of Summer Thanksgiving, I really did consider making a pie for dessert but it has just been so hot, the thought of turning on the oven repulsed me so we had ice cream instead!

Hey, I figure if you can have Christmas in July, why not Thanksgiving? I know I am grateful for the long, sunny, warm days of summer….what are you thankful for?   Happy eating.

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