Pepperoni Pizza

Who needs a big, heavy, meat centric meal in the summer? Not us!  Pizza on the grill is one of our favorite things to have for dinner.   I make the pizza dough in my bread maker the night before so it is ready when I walk in the door.  The hardest part about making pizza on the grill is waiting for the stone to heat up.

The hubby likes pepperoni pizza, no matter what else I may buy to put on his pizza, he always goes for extra sauce, a generous amount of cheese, and pepperoni.

blog post 7.3.14 002

I on the other hand, like to vary my pizza, based on what we have in the fridge.  This week it was a selection of cheeses that needed to be used up so it was a pretty plain, basic version.

blog post 7.3.14 005

The blue cheese added a nice tang to the pizza and the crust was so crisp!  All in all, a good dinner and more importantly, a very easy kitchen clean up.  That means, I got to spend more time outside, enjoying the day.

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