Chicken and Rice

I tried a new marinade yesterday, it was the Lawry’s Baja Chipolte and it was on sale at the grocery store.  I have been craving something spicy and just wasn’t in the mood for fajita so this sounded like a great compromise.  The flavors I was craving without the fuss.

summer 2014 015

I was looking forward to something spicy and smoky and we were throughly disappointed.  The flavor was flat and bland.   I was looking for bold, the bite of acid from the lime juice, and signature back of the throat bite of chipolte.    Dinner wasn’t horrible, we just weren’t fans of the marinade.  Just goes to show you what happens to me when I take a short cut and use a store-bought product instead of making my own.

I will say the meat was perfectly cooked, nice and juicy.  The grilled zucchini and rice rounded out the meal nicely but now I will have to find something else to satisfy my craving, because this dinner just didn’t hit the spot!

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