Penne with Meat Sauce

It has been so hot this week, plus I have just been so crazy busy at work that by the time I get home all I want is a dinner that can be on the table in under 20 minutes that doesn’t require me to turn on an oven and heat up the kitchen.   Thank goodness I plan ahead!  I while ago, I made a few batches of meatballs and a batch of meat sauce that I froze for occasions such as this.

blog post 7.8.14 002

In the morning, I pulled the sauce out of the freezer to defrost so at dinner time all I had to do was heated it up and boiled a pot of water.  Fast, easy, and homemade….all a girl could ask for.  I paired it with a nice green salad and a lovely glass of wine.

For my meat sauce, I prefer to use at least four different kinds of meat to maximize flavor.   In this batch I had beef, veal, pork, and sweet italian sausage.  I like the subtle differences each meat adds to the sauce.  I was so grateful that I had made this sauce, back when the temperatures were a bit cooler and I had slightly more time, it meant I could pull of a delicious, homemade meal in minutes.  Now if dishes would only wash themselves, life would be perfect!


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