Zucchini Bread

My mother has the hands down best ever recipe for zucchini bread.  It is moist, lightly sweet, has an incredibly crispy crust….ahhhhh, just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

The good news!  I have her recipe, she shared it with me a few years ago.  It is super simple to put together and makes two loaves, one to eat and one to share.   Even better, the loaves freeze beautifully so you can make it in the summer and enjoy it when the weather starts to turn cold and you need a reminder of summer.

The bad news!  I didn’t ask her if I could share it with you yet, so you will just have to look at some pictures and be envious.

zucchini bread tea and bread

I kept one loaf and gave the other to my neighbor.  Her daughter is not a huge fan of vegetables but boy can that kid eat sweets!  She prefers candy, specifically the frozen peanut butter cups I buy for my husband but I thought a nice slice of zucchini bread wouldn’t be a bad second choice.   I was right, she actually ate a piece, even knowing it was made from VEGETABLES….

We have tons of zucchini coming out of the garden right now, we have been grilling it, sautéing it and as you can see from the pictures above, making bread with it.

Oh happy day!

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