Peach and Plum Chutney

I had two peaches and two black plums hanging out in my fruit bowl on the counter, they had been there for a few days and were looking kind of sad.  I wanted to use them up and thought they would be a perfect condiment for the pork chops that we were grilling for dinner.

Because I have made so many different chutneys over the years, I didn’t follow a recipe, just started chopping and adding what I had on hand.   It turned out fantastic!  Hopefully I can duplicate it again someday.

blog post 7.17.14 035

I started by sauteing one diced onion,  seasoned with salt and pepper.   After that  had started to soften, I added one diced and seeded jalapeno from the garden.   I let that cook a few minutes and added three diced cloves of garlic.   I deglazed the pan with a little red wine vinegar and let that cook out.  Warning, when adding vinegar to deglaze the pan, stand back, the fumes can knock you over!

blog post 7.17.14 022

After the vinegar cooked out, I added the peeled and diced fruit, three tablespoons of brown sugar and turned the heat down to a simmer.  I let it cook for about 15 minutes while I grilled the chops.

It was the perfect condiment, it had a nice fruit flavor, a bit of heat from the jalapeno, a bit of zing from the vinegar, a little sweetness from the sugar.  All in all, a great addition to our dinner.   I don’t know why but anytime I add fruit to a dinner, it is always a pork dinner.  It just seems to pair so well with so many different kinds of fruits.

I am so glad local peaches are back in season, I can’t wait to make more recipes with them.

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