Pound Cake and Ice Cream

We have a great thrift store down the street from our house.   I can always find great things there.   When we first moved in, I found an old telephone table, similar to the one my grandmother had in her house years ago, and it brought back so many memories that I just had to buy it.   I have to honestly credit my mother with that purchase.   I told her about the piece, she happened to be visiting me, so I took her to see it.   She said if you feel that strongly about the piece you should have it.   My mother is a master negotiator, she talked them into one heck of a deal for me.   Amazing!!  Thank you Mom, you ROCK!

Anyway, fast forward two years, I happen to stop in and they had this beautiful domed cake plate.   I have always wanted one but would pay for a new one since it seemed like such an extravagant item to have, for goodness sakes, how often do you use a domed cake plate?   Whatever, it was $ 5.00 for both pieces and it was in great condition so I snatched it up.

blog post 7.11.14 026

As luck would have it, we had some friends who would be stopping by later, it was the perfect excuse to make a pound cake.  I would have something to offer my guests AND show off my new purchase, double win!

I am quite partial to pound cake, I get that from my mother.  I think it might be her favorite cake.  She prefers a sour cream pound cake, I have a brilliant recipe for a buttermilk pound cake….trust me, I wouldn’t turn down either recipe, they are both delicious!

Buttermilk Pound Cake

Everytime I make a pound cake, I think of my Mom.  Black raspberries are in season right now, and Mom’s favorite ice cream is black raspberry.  I jumped in my car and rode down to the local dairy and as luck would have it, they had black raspberry ice cream in stock, whoo hooo!   So here is to my Mom, the woman who instilled in me a love of dishes, pound cake, and black raspberry ice cream.  Thanks Mom, love you!

cake and ice cream

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