We had pork, with some more pork for dinner

Sometimes, I like to start dinner with a small appetizer.  It makes everyday, weeknight dinners into something special.   So, I went to the butcher this week, he makes his own sausages and has a smoke house.   I picked up a pound of his smoked kielbasa and some bone in pork chops.  We started dinner with a little kielbasa with some Dijon mustard.

Smoked Kielbasa

It was just the perfect amount to start dinner.   After inhaling our snack, we turned our attention to dinner – bone in pork chops, mashed potatoes with gravy, and my Mom’s favorite, waxed beans.

Pork Chop DInner

It wasn’t a very colorful plate, but it was delicious!  The beans were perfectly crisp tender,  the mashed potatoes were rich and creamy, and the pork chop was juicy and cooked perfectly.  We ate outside, then again, this time of year, you would be hard pressed to see us eating inside.   We love dining al fresco.  I love that we now have a deck and a patio, we have our choice of outdoor dining locations.  Food eaten outdoors just tastes better, doesn’t it? Happy Friday everyone, now go outside and EAT!


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