Kitchen Tile

I am so freaking excited, finally, after two years, I will be getting a tile backsplash in the kitchen……whooo hoooo!!  Posts might be a little scarce since I won’t be able to cook for a few days, but I will be back soon with delicious dinners and canning in the weeks to come.   Here is a sneak peek at the pattern I chose……..

Kitchen Tile August 2014 036

Can I tell you just how excited the hubby is that every single, solitary tile must be cut on not just one, but two sides.  Hopefully he doesn’t divorce me before this project is done!  Once the tiles is up, I promise to take a picture so you can see the full effect.   Oh happy day!

Since I didn’t have pictures of anything cooking in the kitchen, I will leave you with a picture of the blue morning glories that popped up in my yard this morning.

Kitchen Tile August 2014 006

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Tile

    • We needed to do something, all we had on the wall was the builders spray paint, every time I wiped the wall, paint would come off. It is turning out better than I expected, I am so happy!

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