Plum Jam

One of the few fruits I had never used in canning were plums.  I had a batch of them in the fridge and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat them all before they went bad.   I pulled out a couple of canning books and saw that I had just enough plums to make a small batch of jam.  Perfect!  The plums were the small, black Italian plums, and they tend to be on the tart side.  I like tart jam and I figured, how bad could it be, I like plums, I like these plums, all I really was doing was adding some sugar and pectin……what the heck.

plum jam

I got ten jars out of the batch, just enough to taste it and see if it is worth making in larger quantities for next year.   I have already given away several jars and received some great feedback.   I think this would be a great condiment for venison, a little tart, a little sweet to balance out the gaminess of the meat.  I also think it will pair nicely with duck breast.  I can’t wait until the weather gets a little colder and I can try both meats with the jam.  I love opening a jar of summer goodness in the dead of winter, it transports me back to sunny, warm, weather when the days are short, cold, and dark.  Happy summer canning!

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